Jealousy / unfaithfuless / break up

Jealousy is very dangerous, so it is necessary to be wary about it. Jealousy is real! it's a widespread and comes in such insidious ways it can block you at work and in your business. Meeting success can attract jealousy on you. Jealousy can quickly turn into hatred, and you may become the victim of a bad spell. Using the "KANBENG" method, Said will protect you from the effects of jealousy, such as evil spells, and he will save you from being swallowed up in problems, thus preserving your good fortune.


Cases of jealousy often occur during inheritances. Money arouses jealousy, even in the heart of a family. You can face problems during the division of the inheritance, shares may be distributed unfairly, to your disadvantage. You could of course fight for your legitimate share, and you really should, but in such a situation, you can realize that everyone is against you, and only meet difticulties and dishonest opponents, thus finding yoursetf fighting a brick wall.


  Saidcan help you. Through an occult intervention, he will remove all the obstacles that stop you from recovering your due share. In these cases of blocking, nothing is worth a well carried out occult intervention!

Jealousy in the couple

Jealousy in the couple is a very poisonous jealousy. It can be a common thing when love is involved but it must not become excessive, like a disease that will undermine your couple and destroy your relationship. Said can help you change this situation, regain mutual confidence, and thus find balance in your couple. 


Said has the capacity to help you when you realize that your spouse is cheating on you, or when you want to ensure that your spouse will always remain faithful, Said masters the "DIMBAAYA" method.


With this method YOU will be sure that your other half will remain or become faithful again, even when YOU need to remain far from home for a while. With the use of this method, this person will wait for you faithfully, without thinking of someone else, and their feelings will remain whole and sincere for you! It is something never to be neglected, because if your partner cheats on you once, they will cheat on you again. Unfaithfulness very often proves to be the first step towards dissensions in the couple, and often leads to a break up. If things go this far, damages will definitely be more serious, such as psychological scars that are difficult to cure, and it will be necessary to use even more important means to make your loved one return. 

Prevent break up

you can prevent a break up, when you are in conflict with your loved one, when you feel a lack of confidence, when your other half is attracted by somebody else, the more so as some people have few scruples breaking a couple. Separation can occur anytime, in particular when you'll least expect it, because some people will do anything to break your couple, be it out of jealousy or out of self-interest. It may also come from your in- laws if they don't appreciate you much. you may be the target of a bad spell cast on behalf of a rival or of your in-laws, and these things are more common than you may think. The best thing would be to protect your couple to prevent such situations, but if no work of protection has been carried out, and if your feelings are true and mutual. 

Said can help you save your couple. There is a solution! It's very effective, thanks to the 

"KANBENG" method.