Another domains

Purification, clearing of places and dwellings

When You walk across particular places, when You get in particular dwellings, You may notice that You feel really well or, on the contrary, definitely worse than usual. Of course, it depends on your personal sensitivity; some people feel these things better than others.


This effect will be stronger if this particular place is your own home, where You spend a lot of your time, where You sleep. You may experience bad sleep, tiredness, bad dreams and nightmares... In the end, these places will affect your psyche and thus cause more or less important blocks, stress, anxiety, and even nervous breakdowns.


This harmful influence can generate, in addition to serious health issues, the same effects as a spell, because these evil vibrations attack You constantly and degrade your ether -body. They are the cause of all kinds of family, emotional, and relational blocks, and can even harm You at a professional level, and bring You bad luck ln some severe cases. It is absolutely necessary "to clear and purify" these places through an occult work. 

Sale and purchase of goods

When you're trying to sell goods, such as real estate, and your advertisements don't catch attention, buyers are not interested and it's been a while since your property is on sale, you can be the subject of a "block", which means that fortune is not on your side, and that you need to attract luck to carry this sale out. It can prove useful to carry out some occult work to eliminate this block. The same situation can also occur when You try to buy goods, You are always too late, the sale has been done just before You arrived, an occult intervention can resolve the situation